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Aradhana Nagpal and Dhoop

If I ever in some corner of my brain worried about the dying or dwindling of the enormous artistic heritage we have and what we are doing to conserve it, meeting Aradhana puts that to rest.

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Female Entrepreneur: Aradhana Nagpal – Designer and Curator of Dhoop

Needless to say, I love India. I guess the interest and passion came thanks to both my parents. My mom has a keen interest in Indian craft and culture and growing up we visited every craft exhibition and cultural event in the city. While mom and dad both enjoy travelling, dad is a very passionate traveller and an Encyclopaedia on almost every topic in the universe (our customers who visited Dhoop while he managed the store for nine years will vouch for that) and our summer holidays were spent in exotic and gorgeous destinations within India, that he would have researched extensively. I think these real journeys, were the beginnings of my interest in India, its history, craft, culture and aesthetic.

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Dhoop: Its sunlight all the way

A welcome break from my travel tales! I can't wait any longer to share with you guys pictures of my favourite store for gifting- 'Dhoop' which roughly means 'bright sunlight' has a lot to offer under one roof.

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DIY Christmas Lighting

Christmas is coming up, and along with connecting with our friends and family, playing Secret Santa and re-watching our favorite Christmas movies, we are in the midst of trying to think up creative ideas to decorate our homes.

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Gorgeous Green

Dhoop's Aradhana Nagpal creates an eco-friendly semi-outdoor setting that's cosy, colourful and a perfect place to leave your worries behind.

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Dhoop: Featured in Sunday Mid-Day

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The craft edge

Aradhana Nagpal is passionate about the richness and diversity of Indian art and craft tradition. She works with craftsmen and artisans from Chattisgarh, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, Kashmir and Kerala. Her USP lies in giving a spin to traditional skills and turning out contemporary products that appeal to a global audience.

As a child, she was drawn to the world of Indian art and craft because of her parents who travelled widely, picking up local handicrafts everywhere they went.

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A New Dhoop

When it comes to beautiful interiors, the only thing constant is change, a mantra that sends you reaching for those new kitschy lamps and furniture to liven up your living space.

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